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Know More Deion Sanders Departure from Jackson Mean for the Business of HBCU 

Hall of Famer Corner Back, now turned college football coach Deion Sanders announced that he was departing the head coaching position at Jackson State. The announcement was made public moments before it was revealed that he was leaving Jackson State, a Historically Black College, to join the University of Colorado as their next head coach. On the surface, his decision to leave Jackson State to become the head football coach at the University of Colorado seems like the most logical choice. It would be a vertical leap, and a no-brainer for anyone else in that position given the same opportunity. Colorado has reportedly signed the Hall of Famer to a five-year, $29.5-million-dollar deal. This is by far the most lucrative deal given to any football coach in the school’s history. Not to mention it would be a huge increase from his 4-year, $1.4-million-dollar contract from Jackson State. In some ways making a vertical move to coaching a school, and competing at the highest level in college football, can be seen as a sign of progress. Black coaches, especially those who have spent their careers coaching at historically Black institutions, rarely get the opportunity for this type of advancement to coach […]


Twitter Blues Enable the Best Platform for High-tech Companies  

Twitter is the new blueprint for Tech companies as it serves as the top platform to help keep the company with the latest trends and conversations. Operationally, it serves as a platform that allows businesses to save time and money and helps them gather targeted followers. Why is Twitter Considered the Blueprint for Tech Companies? Statistical trends reveal that Twitter gets about 6,000 tweets every second, showing how people use it as a unique conversation platform. Such conversations can be a great source of customer insights for tech companies. Twitter also helps companies to research topics and trends that their audience cares about so that people know how to reach their consumers more effectively. More than a blueprint, Twitter is a consumer insights engine for businesses that helps them achieve their audience more effectively. Joe Rice, the EMEA Data and Enterprise Solutions lead from Twitter, states that Twitter is the most significant focus group and, at its core, is a consumer insights engine. The platform reveals insight into what people think of a topic or a trend and the people’s moods, insights, and mindsets. It thus helps brands with all business activities, from launching new products and services to improving […]


New to Government Bidding? Simple Steps to Get You Started

Many small businesses seek to expand the scope of their business by choosing to bid on government contracts. The bidding process for government projects is also referred to as the contracting process and is used to choose the most suitable service provider for a specific service. The bidding process for government projects The bidding process presents the best way of evaluating the competency of the business before the project is awarded to them. The following are the important steps in the bidding process. Requesting proposals: This is the first step, where the project team issues an ITB (invitation to bid) to start the bidding process. The contract manager would then prepare a package with details on the project specifications. Bid preparation: After the request for a proposal or ITB is released, the interested parties will evaluate the proposal and bid for the same. Evaluation and selection of bids: After collecting all the bids, the contact manager compares them against their criteria. The best service provider vendor is not selected based on the amount they quote but based on the MEAT criteria. MEAT refers to economically advantageous to contractors. Awarding the contract: This is the final stage, where the project is […]