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Agencies end 20 years of contracting failures

For the first time ever, agencies met the governmentwide goal for awarding contracts to women-owned small businesses.
The Small Business Administration announced March 2 that 5.05 percent of all “eligible” contracts went to women-owned small businesses in fiscal 2015, surpassing the goal of 5 percent established in 1994.
SBA defines “eligible” contracts as only those that a small business could have a chance at winning so that removes products such as tanks or ships as well as other large services such as running an Energy Department national lab.
SBA says women-owned businesses received $17.8 billion in contracts last year out of a total of $352.2 billion that it considers eligible.

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 is an effective and user-friendly web portal. It opens up new, upcoming contract opportunities of Federal and State Govt. for small businesses. Small disadvantaged business vendors, or woman-owned small enterprises, other new applicants, and including those of continuing contracts from either federal or state can greatly benefit from the SBA (Small Business Administration). MySetAside, will bring on to your system window, our vast Federal and State contract opportunities from our database that will be proportional and applicable to the size and expertise of each small business. Just visit and register your business details with your specialization for you to access the Federal and State Database for contracts to suit your business need to win contracts.

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What is SBA?

The SBA is a government agency that specializes in the help of small businesses. They facilitate the stress of the growing pains found in the opening of a small businesses. Their primary goal is to help you, yes you, in your quest of building your business.

Why Should You Know About SBA?

The SBA monitors the government contracts. Why? Because if you didn't know 50% of all the government contracts are Exclusive to small businesses. Meaning, out of all the government contracts that exists, only 50% of those can be given to small businesses. So forgot about competing with large corporations like Microsoft or IBM. In conjction to that, the remaining 50% of contracts are not exclusive to anybody. These are up for grabs to just about everyone.

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How MySetAside can help small businesses?

Instead of going through the stranious process of gaining a government contract on your own, here at MySetAside we facilitate this by giving you up front information about all the contracts available for small businesses related to your NAICS code.

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Register your business details with line of specialization for you to access the Federal and State databases for contracts to suit your business need to win contracts

Bid opportunities from federal, state and local governments will help Small, Minority, Women-owned, HUBZone-certified, 8(a), Veteran-owned and Service-disabled, Veteran-owned businesses to find right and qualifying leads towards may help them taking up for performing the applicable and winning contracts

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