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SBA Launches Empower to Grow Program: Enhancing Opportunities for Small Businesses

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SBA Community Advantage Program Announcement

Business Leaders Rally Behind SBA’s Empower to Grow Program

Business leaders across the country are joining the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in voicing support for the agency’s slate of major improvements to the agency’s popular 7(j) Management and Technical Assistance program. These changes – launched under a new name, Empower to Grow (E2G) – include significant upgrades to the program’s core services and are designed to deliver on the SBA’s commitment under the Biden-Harris Administration to advance equity in federal procurement.

Successes of the 7(j) Program

In Fiscal Year 2023, small businesses participating in the 7(j) program submitted 3,700 bids for federal contracts, and 2,200 of those bids were awarded contracts — a win rate of 60%. More than 6,000 small businesses participated in the program and, on average, firms that received training self-reported that their percentage growth in annual revenue had increased by 45%.

Commitment to Equity in Federal Procurement

This adds to the SBA’s release of FY21 and FY22 federal contracting data disaggregated by race and ethnicity, which shows that small businesses in every demographic category analyzed are seeing an increase in federal contracting dollars under the Biden-Harris Administration.

Administrator Guzman’s Statement

“Small business growth unlocks paths to prosperity and generational wealth building in America, which is why the Biden-Harris Administration continues to prioritize equity and leveling the playing field so small business owners from historically underrepresented groups can successfully compete for over $700 billion in small business-eligible federal contracts,” said Administrator Guzman. “We’ve revitalized the 7(j) training program to launch an improved ‘Empower to Grow’ acceleration program with tools to help ready more businesses and build a diversified supplier base, which will also increase competition, innovation, and performance in the federal marketplace. We know there is more work to be done to reverse the disparities in federal procurement for America’s minority-owned businesses, and the SBA’s Empower to Grow training program will be a critical resource supporting that work.”

Support from Business Community

  • U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.: “The U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. expresses its enthusiastic support for the latest announcement by the Biden-Harris Administration on the ongoing headway to enhance small business access to federal contracts for historically marginalized entrepreneurs…”
  • United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: “The Small Business Administration’s ‘Empower to Grow’ program represents a significant advancement in supporting small and minority-owned businesses and creating a diverse federal contracting environment…”
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council: “Small businesses are the heart and soul of our nation. They create increased opportunities for families and their communities and inspire entrepreneurs to join the great American legacy of innovation and growth…”
  • Public Private Strategies Institute: “The SBA’s ‘Empower to Grow’ is an important program for America’s small businesses. The updates recently announced to the program are a good step forward, primarily the steps taken around disaggregated data…”
  • Reimagine Main Street: “New data reveals a historic surge in federal contracting dollars awarded to small businesses, boosting America’s competitiveness and contributing to the economy. This trend reflects the work of the Small Business Administration and the Biden-Harris Administration’s policies…”
  • Small Business For America’s Future: “In recent years, Biden-Harris Administration policies have generated unprecedented success in federal contracting dollars reaching small businesses, but so many historic disparities still persist.”

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