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SBA Announces 17 New Members and Holds Regulatory Fairness Board Meeting

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Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman, head of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the advocate for America’s 33 million small businesses, recently convened the annual meeting of the SBA’s Regional Regulatory Fairness Boards. During this gathering, 17 new board members were welcomed, bringing fresh perspectives and insights to the table.

Diverse Membership for Robust Discussions

The Regional Regulatory Fairness Boards comprise small business owners, operators, and officers who actively participated in discussions with Administrator Guzman, Deputy Administrator Dilawar Syed, and other agency leaders. The primary focus of these discussions was the impact of federal regulatory issues on small businesses.

Strengthening Regulatory Fairness

This meeting marked the first gathering of the 10 Regional Boards since 2020, and the addition of 17 new members to the existing 20 members enriched the pool of experiences, perspectives, and business backgrounds dedicated to advancing regulatory fairness.

Local Resources for Small Business Challenges

Administrator Guzman emphasized the invaluable role played by volunteer small-business owners as they serve as local resources for entrepreneurs facing challenges with federal regulatory enforcement or compliance actions. Their insights and advice are essential in helping the SBA provide improved support to small businesses as they navigate federal regulations.

Advisors on Regulatory Matters

The board members play a critical role in advising the National Ombudsman and Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Enforcement Fairness on matters related to federal regulatory enforcement actions affecting small businesses. They also report instances of unfair or excessively enforced actions by federal regulators.

Enhanced Capabilities for Regulatory Fairness

National Ombudsman Michele Schimpp highlighted the significance of the Regulatory Fairness Boards as a tremendous asset for the small-business community and the SBA. With a robust membership comprising 37 board members from 21 states and representing 22 industries, they are better equipped to advance regulatory fairness.

Learn More and Get Involved

For more information about the Regional Regulatory Fairness Boards and a list of board members, please visit the SBA’s official page.

Appointment and Non-Endorsement

Appointment terms for board members are set for three years. It’s important to note that members of the advisory committee do not receive a salary, and their selection does not imply an endorsement of their respective organizations.

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