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SBA Administrator Guzman Releases Statement on the Reopening of the 8(a) Application Portal

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Program Resilience Despite Recent Challenges

Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) issued the following statement regarding the relaunch of the application process for the 8(a) Business Development Program, despite recent legal setbacks.

A Program Open for Business

Administrator Guzman affirmed that while the administration of the 8(a) Program has faced recent challenges due to a court injunction and order, it remains open and fully operational. In the weeks following the injunction, the SBA has diligently reviewed and recertified numerous current 8(a) program participants in accordance with the court’s directives. Additionally, the SBA has now officially reopened the 8(a) application process to welcome new participants. This ensures that a substantial and highly skilled vendor pool is readily available to federal agencies.

A Proven Legacy of Empowering Small Businesses

The 8(a) Program boasts a remarkable track record spanning over 50 years, consistently making government contracting more accessible to thousands of small businesses. These businesses, in turn, play a pivotal role in providing essential products and services that advance the missions of federal agencies. This approach not only levels the playing field but also offers entrepreneurs from historically underserved communities the opportunity to expand their businesses, generate employment opportunities, and contribute to local economies. Furthermore, it significantly enhances the overall performance of our federal government.

Commitment to Progress and Equal Opportunity

Administrator Guzman expressed the SBA’s unwavering commitment to supporting the 8(a) Program and standing up for the small business owners who have been instrumental in driving historic economic growth in America. The SBA remains resolute in its dedication to promoting equal opportunity, expanding access to the American Dream, and ultimately reinforcing the country’s industrial base. Despite challenges and opposition, their resolve to support the program and its vital mission remains steadfast.

Interview Requests

For interview requests with Administrator Guzman, please reach out to Rebecca Galanti at rebecca.galanti@sba.gov.

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