Jan 12 2021

Independent contractor rule announced, $3.9 million in coronavirus citations, new OSHA videos and more

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January 8, 2021

Graphic: December Jobs Report. 6.7% unemployment rate.

Unemployment Down 8.1% Since April

The unemployment rate was 6.7% in December – a decline of 8.1% since April – according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released today. Payroll employment has increased by 12.3 million since the economy began to reopen.

Graphic: Independent Contractor Rule

Independent Contractor Rule Announced

The Department announced a final rule clarifying independent contractor status under the Fair Labor Standards Act for employers, workers and independent contractors.

Photo: A warehouse worker stands in a facemask and safety equipment

$3,930,381 Million in Coronavirus Citations

Through Dec. 31, OSHA issued citations for coronavirus-related violations arising from 300 inspections, with penalties totaling $3,930,381.



Photo: A forced labor center in China


During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we renew our commitment to end human trafficking and all forms of forced labor.

Graphic: Opinion Letters

Opinion Letters

Two new opinion letters provide compliance assistance on overtime pay and compensable travel time.

Photo: A waiter serves food at a cafe.

Tips Rule

The Department issued a new final rule amending tipped employee regulations to protect the tips of employees.

Photo: A worker stands on a workshop floor

Reentry Grants

The Department is making $3.3 million available in grants to support the reentry of justice-involved individuals to the workforce and expand the Federal Bonding Program.

Photo: A businesswoman uses a calculator.

Debt Collection Initiative

Under a new initiative, OSHA will increase efforts to collect unpaid penalties and place establishments with unpaid debts on a priority list for further inspection.

Graphic: OSHA at 50

50 Years of OSHA

Learn about OSHA’s work over the last five decades to ensure safe working conditions.

Photo: A wildfire rages on a hillside

California Wildfires

In response to the 2020 California wildfires, the Department will provide up to $25.1 million to create disaster-relief jobs.


Photo: A checklist with items completed.

Wage and Hour Highlights

In fiscal year 2020, the Wage and Hour Division hosted a record number of compliance assistance events.

Photo: Charts and financial documents

OLMS Annual Report

The Office of Labor-Management Standards released its 2020 Annual Report on the agency’s performance and program activities.

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