Dec 03 2019

Exporting = Sales Growth

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Exporting = Sales Growth

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Did you know that small businesses that export are more resilient and less dependent on any one market?  Did you know that U.S. exporters are more financially stable, expand faster, and create higher paying jobs?  Did you know the U.S. Small Business Administration has resources to help you become an exporter, ensuring your products and services reach international markets, including the ability to:

  • Finance facilities and equipment expansion;
  • Pay for inventory, materials, and other production costs;
  • Finance international orders; and
  • Support the issuance of standby letters of credit.

The SBA has a national network of Export Finance Managers that would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about new, global opportunities.  If you’d like to learn more, or are interested in setting up an appointment with your local SBA Export Finance Manager, please answer three questions and provide your contact information.  We will reach out to you soon.

We hope to see your business grow in the international marketplace real soon.


Most Sincerely,

The Office of International Trade

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