Aug 14 2019

August Small Business Workshops (San Diego & Imperial Counties, CA)

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August Small Business 

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August 14th & 15th

(Wednesday & Thursday)

8/14 - Specialized Certification Workshop (San Diego, CA)

8/14 - How to Start a Business (La Bodega - San Diego, CA) 

8/14 - Are You Ready for Government Contracting? (National City, CA)

8/15 - Business Plans that Win $$$ ( Part 1 of 2) (National City, CA)

8/15 - Government Contracting in a Day (Carlsbad, CA)

8/15 - Government Contracting in a Day for Veterans (Carlsbad, CA)

8/15 - Creating a Capabilities Statement for Marketing to the Government (El Cajon, CA)

August 16th & 17th

(Friday & Saturday)

August 20th & 21st

(Tuesday & Wednesday)

8/20 - Creating a Sales Plan That Produces Long Term Results (El Cajon, CA)

8/20 - Creating Winning Proposals for the Government (El Cajon, CA)

8/20 - How to Start a Non-Profit Corporation (San Diego, CA)

8/21 - Hire & Manage Great Employees (San Diego, CA)

8/21 - Social Media for Business (Imperial, CA)

August 22nd & 23rd

(Thursday & Friday)

8/22 - Build Customer Loyalty with Excellent Customer Service (El Cajon, CA)

8/22 - Government Contracting Certifications for Small Business (National City, CA)

8/22 - Business Plans that Win $$$ (Part 2 of 2) (National City, CA)

8/22 - Innovation Bootcamp (Malcom X Library - San Diego, CA)

8/22 - Hiring and Firing in California for Small Business Owners (National City, CA)

8/22 - Leveraging Video Marketing to Engage Your Audience and Generate Leads (San Diego, CA)

8/23 - Doing Business with Government and Prime Contractors (San Diego, CA)

August 26th & 27th 

(Monday & Tuesday)

8/26 - Mastering the Sales Process (San Diego, CA)

8/27 - Cold Calls, Prospects & Testimonials (San Diego, CA)

8/27 - Credit Repair and Recovery for Entrepreneurs (National City, CA)

8/27 - Introduction to Selling Handmade Items Online with ETSY (San Diego, CA)

8/27 - Doing Business with the State of California (DGS) (National City, CA)

August 28th


8/28 - Business Plans That Get Results (El Cajon, CA)

8/28 - Introduction to Accounting for Small Businesses (Imperial, CA)

8/28 - Sales Prospecting (Business to Business) (National City, CA)

8/28 - Getting Started with Marketing Automation (Carlsbad, CA)

8/28 - Getting Started with Marketing Automation for Veterans (Carlsbad, CA)

August 29th & 30th

(Thursday & Friday)

8/29 - Government Contracting in a Day (Carlsbad, CA)

8/29 - Government Contracting in a Day for Veterans (Carlsbad, CA)

8/29 - Intro to PTAC Services/Are You Ready for Government Contracting? (El Cajon, CA)

8/30 - Optimizing Your Start-up: 10 Simple Steps to Starting Your Small Business (El Cajon, CA)

8/30 - Tax Considerations for Small Business (San Diego, CA)

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