Miscellaneous Electrical Items (NO SUBSTITUTIONS)

Posted Date: Feb 01, 2024
Due Date: Mar 09, 2024
Awarded Date: No Awarded Date
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LVE441142 Miscellaneous Electrical Items (NO SUBSTITUTIONS)

Kindly quote this “FFP” (Firm Fixed Price) requirement with a Quote in my name, Current Date and Lead Time. Please offer BSA any discounts available for your Best Price.

Items to be quoted or its (NO SUBSTITUTIONS):

Qty 50                 AB 1492-JD3-BR IEC 2-CKT FEED-THROUGH B LK, 2.5

Qty 35                 AB 1492-JD3FB 2.5 SQUARE MM DOUBLE LEV EL FUSE

Qty 50                 AB 1492-JD3 2 CIRCUIT FEED THRU TERM BLOCK

Qty 40                 AB 1492-PPJD3 PARTITION PLATE

Qty 40                 AB 1492-JG3 1 CKT FD THRU GRD BLOK MINAL B

Qty 5                   AB 1769-ECR RT .... Read More

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ENERGY, DEPARTMENT OF Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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