MILSATCOM P2020 Board Modifications

Posted Date: Dec 28, 2023
Due Date: Jan 20, 2024
Awarded Date: No Awarded Date
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Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
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FA822824Q0013 MILSATCOM P2020 Board Modifications

The 517th SWES/MXDPCC at Peterson Space Force Base (PSFB) requires modification of 11 P2020 Reference Design Boards (RDB) manufactured by NXP. The P2020 Design Boards are not functional as is and need to be upgraded to meet memory addressability and additional memory requirements. The RBDs are used to replicate the equipmentused in the field in a testing environment. Circuit Technology Center is currently the only vendor contracted by Collins, formerly Raytheon, to perform like services and has been successful in fulfilling requirements. Boards will eventually be loaded with Collins' software in order to duplicate Collin's test environment. Since the testing .... Read More

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