J065--FY24: ScriptPro Support and Maintenance Service

Posted Date: Jun 14, 2024
Due Date: Aug 18, 2024
Awarded Date: No Awarded Date
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36C24824Q1139 J065--FY24: ScriptPro Support and Maintenance Service
This is a notice of intent to negotiate a sole source contract award. The Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Procurement Office East, Network Contracting Office 8 (NCO 8) intends to negotiate a firm-fixed-price sole source contract award ScriptPro USA, Incorporated, 5828 Reeds Road, Mission, Kansas 6602 under the authority FAR 8.405-6(a)(1)(B) Only one source is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required because the services are unique or highly specialized. This is a follow-on contract to provide support maintenance services for the existing ScriptPro Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems (SRPDS) located at the Orlando .... Read More
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