Honda Parts

Posted Date: Aug 10, 2023
Due Date: Sep 14, 2023
Awarded Date: No Awarded Date
SetAside Type
Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
Solicitation ID Solicitation Title Solicitation Office
DRAFT_70Z04023Q58800B00 Honda Parts

The Unites States Coast Guard (USCG) Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) Small Boat Product Line (SBPL) is presenting this DRAFT solicitation for Honda parts associated with sources sought notice 70Z04023S58800B00. The attached DRAFT solicitation documents are being released in advance of the actual solicitation for interested Honda parts authorzied dealers/distributors so that qualified vendors can begin gathering information that might be needed to be able to provide a quote when the time comes. The USCG SBPL is expecting to be able to release the finalized solicitation by the end of August 2023. This finalized solicitation will be set aside 100% for small business concerns. Please DO NOT provide any quotes regarding this DRAFT solicitation.

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US COAST GUARD Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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