Posted Date: Apr 03, 2024
Due Date: May 18, 2024
Awarded Date: No Awarded Date
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Solicitation ID Solicitation Title Solicitation Office
CONTACT INFORMATION|4|N743.5|TBD|7176053229|JOEL.J.CURTIS.CIV@US.NAVY.MIL| ITEM UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION AND VALUATION (JAN 2023)|19|||||||||||||||||||| HIGHER-LEVEL CONTRACT QUALITY REQUIREMENT (NAVICP REVIEW FEB 1991)(FEB 1999)|1|See specification sections C and E.| INSPECTION OF SUPPLIES--FIXED-PRICE (AUG 1996)|2||| GENERAL INFORMATION-FOB-DESTINATION|1|B| WIDE AREA WORKFLOW PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS (JAN 2023)|16|Stand-Alone Receiving Report - Certifications Combo - Receiving Report & Invoice - Material |NA|TBD|N00104|TBD|N39040 - Certifications, S4306A - Material |N50286|TBD|136|NA|NA|N39040 - Certifications|NA|NA|SEE DD 1423|PORT_PTNH_WAWF_NOTIFICATION@NAVY.MIL| NAVY USE OF ABILITYONE SUPPORT CONTRACTOR - RELEASE OF OFFEROR INFORMATION (3-18))|1|| EQUAL OPPORTUNITY (SEP 2016)|2||| WARRANTY OF SUPPLIES OF A NONCOMPLEX NATURE (JUNE 2003)|6|One year from date of delivery.|One year from date of delivery.||||| WARRANTY OF DATA--BASIC .... Read More
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DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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