6515--Chemidoc MP Imaging Instrument

Posted Date: Sep 11, 2023
Due Date: Oct 18, 2023
Awarded Date: No Awarded Date
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36C24623Q1362 6515--Chemidoc MP Imaging Instrument
The Department of Veterans Affairs, NCO 6, intends to solicit quotes for Chemidoc MP imaging Instrument for Richmond VA Medical Center, Richmond Virginia. The salient characteristics will be included in the solicitation. The Request for Quotations number is 36C246231362. The solicitation will result in the award of a single contract. The resulting contract will be a fixed-price contract. The applicable NAICS code is 334516 and the small business size standard is 1000 employees. This procurement is solicited as unrestricted under FAR Part 13 Procedures. Telephonic requests for the solicitation will not be honored. When issued, the solicitation will be available .... Read More
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