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MARKET-SURVEY-6246-1 Taiwan Improved Mobile Subscriber Equipment (IMSE) Liaison Army Contracting Command
CECOM-ILSC SAMD PSN directorate is seeking a local (Taiwan) hire contractor mid-career (journeyman) Logistician to support a Foreign Military Program. The position serves as the Liaison to Taiwan, applicable vendors, and United States Government (USG). The work is accomplished in an office setting at Taiwan Improved Mobile Subscriber Equipment (IMSE) Regional Support Center in Taiwan. The work may require both local travel (within Taiwan) and possible Outside the Country (overseas) travel. Work week will be 40 hours and contractor will follow Taiwan holiday schedule.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs):

1. Fluent in both Mandarin and English
2. Previous work with or serving in the Taiwan military (Signal).
3. Experience with Taiwan Military communications networks/systems; experience with the Improved Mobile Subscriber Equipment system.
4. A Bachelor's degree and a minimum of 5 years of related experience
5. Minimum of 5 years of develop life-cycle maintenance concept
6. Experience in developing training manual, implementing training and fielding.
7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including technical presentation skills
8. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Productivity Suite (MS Word, Excel, Outlook).
9. Familiarity with Taiwan Army logistic and supply practices.
10. Familiarity with computer and networking equipment.
11. Willingness to learn and contribute to the overall success of the team
Duties: Maintains constant liaison with appropriate organizations related to program problems and requirements by means of telephone, contacts, and meetings to assure resolution of problems. Analyzes program status, as required, with the objective of identifying potential problems before they become critical. Investigates system related problem areas, bottlenecks, conflicts to develop cause, effect, solution, or alternative approaches to recommend corrective action to USG Program Office.

The Contractor shall provide a full range of support services for the security assistance/foreign military sales program. Services include, but are not limited to, logistics and maintenance support, training and fielding, and technical support for systems identified within the LOR/LOA agreements. Attends meetings, provide status reports, visits Taiwan Army/MND and contractor facilities, and makes periodic field trips to determine that all logistics aspects are adequately covered in the program plans. This review also assures interface between the USG programs and Taiwan have been considered.

Act as point of contact between Taiwan and USG. Supply USG and support Taiwan with needed information as required. Provides local logistics/administration support for USG, inclusive of local purchase, Customs/ freight forward paperwork, car and hotel reservation...etc. Conduct telephonic conference calls with USG and Taiwan when needed. Coordinate with the IMSE depot operations for Taiwan's requests.
Reviews program activities. Coordinates with USG program office to obtain necessary information. Provides inputs for master schedules and plans developed for the orderly phasing of all required actions (i.e., production, procurement, testing, training, communications, transportation, maintenance, and a wide variety of logistical and other support activities) to install, maintain, and operate in-country the equipment system.

This document is not legally binding and does not commit the US Government in any way. Please submit all responses, to include a detailed description of contractor qualifications and experience to Jason Acosta by COB 7 November 2017 at jason.a.acosta2.civ@mail.mil or 443-395-6407. Responses should not exceed five (5) pages.

Office Location Agency Name Solicitation Base Posting Type
ACC - APG (W15P7T) Division B Department of the Army
Solicitation Base Posting Date Solicitation Posting Type Solicitation Posting Date
Sources Sought Notice October 18, 2017
Solicitation NAICS Code Solicitation Class Code Response Date
334220 58 November 7, 2017
Archive Date Email ID Email ID Description
Place Of Performance Place Of Performance Address Contracting Office Address
6001 COMBAT DRIVE Aberdeen Proving Ground MD 21005-1846
Primary Point Of Contact Name Primary Point Of Contact Title Primary Point Of Contact Phone Number
Jason Acosta Phone 443-395-6407
Primary Point Of Contact Email ID Secondary Point Of Contact Name Secondary Point Of Contact Title
Secondary Point Of Contact Phone Number Secondary Point Of Contact Email ID URL
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