Jul 07 2015

Tips to land government set aside contracts for your small business

Description: A lot of people have heard about government set aside contracts but don’t know how to acquire one. We have some advice to help nail down a few set aside contracts.

The easiest way a small business can grow is to have the government as your customer. The United States Government is the largest buyer of all goods and services in the world. The government procured goods and services worth approximately $235 billion in 2002 alone. With each year the expenditure increases, leading to more opportunities for small businesses. It is very hard for small businesses to gain a foothold in the government sector, but there are various schemes that allow a small business to have an even footing with large scale companies.

Tips to acquire government contracts easily:-

Find a product to sell:

The first thing you want to do is figure out which set aside contracts have the best procurement potential. The last thing you want to do is manufacture products the government does not want to buy. Identifying the products and services the federal agency needs is the key to establishing your business with the government. Becoming an SBA Certified Small Business enables you be linked with the government and you will be trained by the SBA until you transition to a large company over a period of 9 years.

Contact small business specialists:

Each federal agency has a small business specialist whom you can contact and set up a meeting to know more about the government contracts you can bid on. You can also take help from various online services that help you acquire small business set aside contracts like http://mysetaside.com. Such services can keep you updated about set aside contracts and help you acquire them easily. During the meeting do not try to sell anything to the specialist. He is only a resource who will help you get in touch with the right people in the federal agency who will do the buying.

Learn to be patient:

Selling to the government is quite different from selling to the private sector. Aggressive selling is perceived negatively by the government and can be a deterrent. If you are patient and strategic, landing small business set aside contracts will not be a problem. However, a small and simple demo or a product sample does not hurt at all. The more the agency sees the product the more they will be inclined to buy it.

Being a small business does not guarantee you a contract

Finally, just because you are an SBA certified small business, it doesn’t mean you will land the set aside contracts. You have to be patient and win one with the quality of work and competitive pricing.

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