Jun 29 2015

Is your business ready for government set aside contracts?

Description: There are various ways to prepare a small business for undertaking government contracts. The government offers assistance in various ways through contracts that are set aside for small companies and other business development programs.

There are times when we question the capabilities of our businesses when we try to get a foothold in government contracting. Being qualified for a small business certification enables us to open various benefits exclusively from the government. You will also gain access to various contracts that will be set aside for small businesses to help them compete with large scale companies. As long as you are eligible, have a good character and the potential to succeed you will have no problems in becoming a part of the various programs under the SBA.
These are a few questions you need to answer if you want to gain a shot at government contracting.

Do you own an established business?
The government is always happy to help out small businesses through the SBA certified small business program so they can compete with larger businesses as long as they are established. If your company is compliant with all business regulations and has all required licenses and permits you will be eligible to become a small business with an SBA certification and access to all the benefits that come with it.

Are you reliable for the government?
The Government does not like taking risks and all procurement officers try to find businesses that offer reliable services. You need to be completely on time with your deliveries and complete contracts within agreed budgets in order to be selected by the government for their contracts. The only thing the government looks for is the capability of a business and not its size. A good way to show a good image is by becoming an SBA certified small business.

Do you have proof of performance?

If you want to gain access to the small business set aside contracts you need to have proof of performance, and various references that can back you up. It is an easy way to differentiate a business from others.

Do you invest time and effort in research?
Acquiring set aside contracts requires a lot of research and understanding regarding creative strategies that can get you ahead of others in the hunt for contracts. Being actively involved in industry events and actively interacting with program managers is a great way to create networks and understand all the details of upcoming projects.

Understanding the government
The government has various practices and levels of purchasing. Understanding how the Federal Government purchases work and various business terms is a great way to acquire set aside contracts. After all, there is no better way to do business with the government than understanding their strategy completely. Selling to the government requires a lot of networking. If the government hires you to fulfill a contract they want to rely on the person. Creating a good image is essential for acquiring government small business set aside contracts. If you want help, you can look at sites like http://mysetaside.com which help you gain government contracts.

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