Mar 17 2015

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

This is a Request for Information and Sources Sought Notice for Market Research purposes only. This is not a request for proposal, quotation, or bid. No solicitation is currently available.

The information provided in response to this notice will assist the Government in determining how to conduct business in obtaining marketing services support for the Alabama National Guard Recruiting Program.

The United States Property & Fiscal Officer (USPFO) for Alabama is seeking information on how commercial companies obtain marketing support for the design and production of items such as brochures, posters, other advertising campaign media, etc...

We currently contract for this support with a company that provides on-site support by providing personnel who specialize in computer-based skill sets to design and produce marketing materials in support of specific recruiting campaigns. Contractor personnel provide a variety of computer-based support (see attached Performance Work Statement).

The NAICS category currently used is 561320 - Temporary Help Services. We believe one of the following NAICS categories more appropriately describe the work:
- 541613 Marketing management consulting services
- 541613 Marketing consulting services
- 541910 Marketing research services; marketing analysis services

It is our intent to learn from the industry and use the information gained in preparing future POTENTIAL solicitation(s).

Specifically, we would like to learn more about:

- How to define our requirement so that it is performance-based
- How to define our requirement so that there are quantifiable and measurable outcomes
- Challenges in performing off-site support and what steps industry recommends to reduce potential risks
- Contract type that best suits or can best be used to adequately define this type of requirement while minimizing risk to the Government and to the Contractor

Accompanying this inquiry is a sample of a PWS (Performance Work Statement) that we are currently using. We would like industry feedback on this document in terms of what improvements could be made so that it communicates a performance-based requirement and allows the Contractor to the freedom to meet requirements while remaining actively engaged with the customer as needs arise.

Please include the following information in your response:
- Name of your company and a point of contact (phone and email address)
- CAGE Code (if you do not have a CAGE code and want to know how to obtain one, contact the POC for this announcement for instructions)
- Please include a narrative that describes your customer base and the nature of the support your company typically provides to its customers
- List any experience your company has working with Federal organizations

This notice does not constitute a request for a formal proposal and is only provided as information to the market place.

Please respond by email only. We have to convert hard copy responses to electrons, which can be cumbersome. So, electronic responses are preferred.

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